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Autosexuality is defined as a general attraction to oneself, or as the practice of sexually stimulating oneself (usually, but not necessarily by masturbation), also known as autoeroticism. The first definition is community-based, the latter definition is often used in scientific study.

Autosexuality can be connected with a lack of attraction towards others, so an autosexual can be on the aro-ace spectrum.

In other cases of definition, acting sexually with others may be hard or even impossible for an autosexual, but self pleasing is fine for them. In that case, the person's sexuality can be on the omnisexual spectrum and they feel attraction to others, but won't act sexually with them. Some autosexual individuals may still be open to sexual and/or romantic relationships with other people, while others may feel as though no one other than themselves could satisfy them.

They may also have fantasies involving being in a romantic and sexual relationship with themselves, either by just themselves or with someone who resembles a clone of them. They might also go out on dates with themselves (Ex. Going to their favorite restaurant by themselves or setting up a picnic.) Someone who's autosexual will also feel attraction when seeing their own reflection or perhaps when seeing someone who looks similar to them.

The prefix 'auto-' can be used with other labels. 'Auto-' in its most simple form is described as an affinity for oneself.


The prefix comes from the Greek term 'auto', meaning 'self'.