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Biromantic flag

Biromantic is a romantic orientation in which you romantically like two or more genders.

The sexual counterpart to biromantic is bisexual. The two differ in that biromantic is the romantic attraction to two or more genders, while bisexual is the sexual attraction to two or more genders. Some individuals, are both biromantic and bisexual in that they are both romantically and sexually attracted to two or more genders.

There may or may not also be a sexual attraction for the genders the biromantic person is romantically attracted to. A person can be biromantic, but also asexual, bisexual, demisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, or pansexual.

A biromantic person can also have a preference for and/or lean towards any particular gender.

The “bi” prefix is an umbrella term used for indicating any form of two gender attraction.


Birom therr

Biromantic Flag

Straight and birom

Heterosexual and Biromantic

Ace and birom

Asexual and Biromantic

One of the biromantic flags is similar to the bisexual flag, but with a white heart in the top-left hand corner.

The other version of the biromantic flag includes a sexual orientation flag in the background but with a pink, purple, and blue heart in the middle. If a person identifies as heterosexual and biromantic, the flag will have the heterosexual flag in the background with a pink, purple, and blue heart in the center. This formula can be applied to any sexuality flag if the person identifies as biromantic.

This flag refers to anybody that feels romantic attraction to two or more genders. Overall, the biromantic flag takes inspiration from the bisexual flag.